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Product Feature: BHGRE Employee Gifts

Figuring out what to gift your employees for the holidays or anniversaries can be tricky! Do you try to find something special, out of the ordinary? Or do you tend to buy the same thing year-after-year? One thing’s for sure… whatever you choose, make sure it’s something useful! Recently we created a fun package for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate (BHGRE) agents.

Included in the gift:

  • Backpack

  • Jacket

  • Blanket

  • Socks

  • Coffee Tumbler

  • Touch Tool

  • Face Masks


1. Backpacks

Using the backpacks to hold the items was the perfect way to present these gifts without the need for additional packaging. 😉 Backpacks are a useful gift that everyone needs, whether it be for carrying materials to the office and back, using it for travel, a diaper bag, and so much more.

2. Jackets

Who doesn’t love a good jacket? These breathable, lightweight jackets are water and wind resistant. For the color, we went with a charcoal grey to keep things classy. Suited with a full front zipper, two front pockets, and adjustable cuffs, these are the perfect "go to" jacket for warmth.

3. Blankets

Warmmm… cozy blankets! Think about how many blankets you have lying around your house… no matter how many you collect, chances are you would still be excited to get another one! Blankets are one of those things that, even if you have enough at home, it’s going to be used out and about – at the beach, football games, picnics, etc. Here, the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate logo is put in the corner for a discreet and professional look.

4. Socks

Ok, how fun are these socks!? There are so many cool things you can do with socks. Here, we took the leaf from the BHGRE logo to create a classic pattern on the black socks; on the white socks, we used the leaf design and some cute homes. The design possibilities are endless for socks! Contact us for a free mockup using your logo, and we'll produce some fun concepts.

5. Tumblers

These 16 oz. insulated tumblers are show stoppers! A stainless-steel outer with a chrome-colored accent and grip make these stand out from others. The flip top spouts make these tumblers easy to drink from and the go to in any home. BHGRE employees will now be drinking coffee in style.

6. Touch Tools

Think about how many people are weary of touching doors these days. These discreet touch tools look nice and are easily accessible for opening public doors without using your hands. How smart is that? Use the customizable packaging and put your logo and company messaging on the insert!

7. Masks

Last, but not least… facemasks! These days all the hype is about facemasks. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate wanted something branded and comfortable for all their employees (we all know there are some very uncomfortable ones out there). These are perfect for getting your logo in front of everyone’s faces, pun unintended 😉 People will literally be showing off your logo everywhere they go!

Want to find even more fun ideas? Visit to browse endless possibilities and ideas for your next corporate gift!


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