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5 Reasons Why Marketing to Your Clients Around the Holidays is a Must

As we approach August and the summer winds slowly start to churn into the falling leaves of autumn, there are a ton of things you should look forward to on the near horizon. Back to School Month, Ride to Work Day, Better Breakfast Month, American Football Day… you get the point.

For those special moments on your calendar, marketing to your clients becomes VITAL to your success. Here are our top 5 reasons why marketing is a must.

#1: Storytelling Drives Sales.

Much of what people buy, especially around the holiday season, is based upon their emotional connection to the product or service. In fact, they’re not just buying a product or service, they are buying a story. As a customer, they want to know that what they buy from your company will help them build memories and celebrate future success. You need to show them how your product or service can do just that. If these goals are met, it gives your company a chance to boost sales and create more brand awareness.

#2: Holiday Marketing is Even More People Oriented.

Clients want to know you truly care about and appreciate them, and holiday marketing is an opportune time to show them just that. A simple personalized message or greeting card from Spin2Print can be all that it takes. Do not try to overthink it. Reach out to them and show that you care and appreciate their business. If you’re transparent with all of your current and future customers, they will be comforted knowing that you’re just one phone call away.

#3: Popular Products Create Engagement.

It’s never easy finding your marketing groove around the holidays. If you have a product that you feel is sweeping customers off their feet, don’t be afraid to tell others about it too! A great way to start can be utilizing the global reach of social media. Showcasing popular items through your social media campaigns can create a TON of buzz about your business. And if people do reply to your posts… reply back! Make what you’re selling feel important to everyone who sees your product.

#4: It Creates Better Brand Awareness

Get your name out there at a time where consumers are paying the most attention. If you can connect with your customer on a deeper level around the holidays, you’re setting yourself up for future business throughout the year. Being able to form those connections and staying top-of-mind means that the next time they need something, they’ll choose to purchase from you.

#5: You Can Never Have Too Many Great Marketing Ideas.

Lastly, we believe that marketing can become a lifelong passion for any business who chooses to be creative and resourceful with their time. If you have a new idea on how to better market your products, NOW is the time to share it with others! See what they think! The only bad idea in marketing near the holidays is not marketing at all, so go out there and start drumming up new ways to make your company stand out.

If the pressure of marketing to your clients feels like a big weight is on your shoulders, don’t worry. We are here to help you out. Feel free to reach out to us at or visit our website


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