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Opening New Doors - Client Trade Show Testimonial

When you think about ways to promote your business, do Trade Shows ever come to mind? Trade Shows are a place where different businesses of the same industry come together to promote their products or services.

These events offer amazing opportunities to connect with potential clients and broaden your audience. For our client Open Doors to Future Possibilities, it did just that. Open Doors is a nonprofit company that provides programs for both Veterans and the Homeless; they serve as an advocate for the vulnerable communities in Santa Clara County. So, when they learned about a gun show scheduled in Las Vegas, they decided it could be an incredible way to meet more Veterans, find new sponsors for their organization and connect with other vendors. Now that they had a game plan, there was one thing left to do... Create an array of eye catching promotional products!

No problem! The merchandise and brand experts here at Spin Nest Marketing met the challenge with some amazing ideas and concepts to make their booth stand out.

Taking their logo, we added a little Veteran flair to design these beautiful tote bags, backpacks, shirts, hats, pens, and keychains. The products were a catalyst for a very successful trade show and our client was thrilled with how everything turned out!

Check out our gallery below to see how our mock ups for the products transformed into reality. Need promotional products for your own upcoming event? Contact us today!


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