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5 Reasons Calendars and Planners Remain a Strong Promotional Give-Away

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

You might be thinking...who uses calendars anymore? Now, with mobile phones and electronic time-keepers, who needs the hassle of a paper or magnet calendar to keep up with what day it is? The truth is, that so many still use calendars as a daily source of information. Stop for a minute and take that in. DAILY!

They say that to effectively create brand recognition for your business, you need to reach a customer 5 to 7 times, trust or purchase interest begins with 10 impressions and purchase behavior shifts with a personalized/custom messaging . So, just imagine what 365 impressions could do for your brand recognition. More importantly, what if you can create this awareness with very little investment?

Here are 5 great reasons to add a calendar to your marketing strategy:

  • The perfect fit for everyone: In business, it may be that you are unsure what to give. Almost everyone wants a calendar! When you have a wide or varied audience, calendars are a great fit to show appreciation. The end of the year or January are the perfect time to send calendars.

  • Budget friendly: There are hundreds of styles, sizes and designs to choose from. You might decide to personalize each and every calendar or choose from various stock calendars. No matter your budget, this can truly be the most impactful gift, with very little hit to your marketing budget.

  • Handy and Useful: When it comes to swag, the research is clear: Everyone prefers an item that is useful, handy or fun. It's always a good idea to personalize or create fun tips to add to your calendars. Even if your recipient doesn't use the calendar daily for scheduling, it can still be a source of funny inspiration, tip of the day or visual stimulation. (..think cat pictures, helpful sayings or tips to make their day better)

  • The numbers are meaningful: In a recent poll, of promotional product recipients 60% of people said that they would likely buy a calendar if someone didn't give them one as a gift. Additionally, another 35% indicated that they would wait until nearly the end of January to purchase in the hope that they would receive one as a gift. On the flip side, giving a calendar year-after-year, will likely create a trend that might be hard to break! As I type this, I am wondering where my calendar is from my insurance agent, they always send one this time of year!

  • Visibility: Just imagine the countless eyeballs that might see your brand or logo when your calendar is displayed. One set of eyeballs for 365 days is compelling enough, but imagine what happens when your recipient hangs it on a public wall or shares it with others?

The Bottom Line: Give calendars to vendors, clients, employees, and anyone you want to have your contact information front and center on their desk and top of mind. A calendar is functional and enjoyable and often remains visible daily. Calendars have a high rate of conversion because the branding and contact information is front and center.

Looking for the perfect calendar for your give-away? Check out our great selections and remember, we can personalize and customize a calendar to fit your needs.

Be sure to order early and miss the rush of printing during the holidays and January.


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