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9 Essentials Every Website Homepage Needs

Your home or landing page is arguably the most visited page on your website. It incites your reader’s first impressions and determines if they will continue to navigate through the rest of your site.

It is key to keep your homepage captivating and to the point. Using catchy text, beautiful imagery, and clear direction will entice your audience to stick around.

This space should serve 3 key purposes:

  • Demonstrate who you are (your brand)

  • Tell what you do (products or services)

  • Direct how visitors respond (how to purchase goods and services)

Tip: Keep the most important information “above the fold” – this is the space that’s shown before visitors start scrolling. Doing this ensures that visitors see what matters first.

Incorporate these key elements to improve website performance:

1. Business Logo/ Business Name: Make it easy for readers to identify you the moment they enter your website.

2. Headline + Sub-Headline: Give your visitors a brief and clear picture of what you do and what you offer. Make the headline font large and easy to see and make the sub-headline smaller. Keep in mind your font should be large enough to read for mobile users.

3. Calls-to-Action (CTA): Use 2-3 buttons that compel visitors to take action, whether it be “Contact Us”, “Buy Now”, “Get Started”, etc. These action items are meant to bring visitors further into your website into different stages of the buying process. You should include CTA’s above the fold and below the fold.

(Tip: Use a contrasting or complimentary color to make your action items stand out and be the first things your visitors see).

4. Supporting Visuals: Include nice images or videos that depict what your business is all about. Use images that are inspirational and captivating – steer clear of cheesy and fake looking photos.

5. Description: Here you can write in more detail about what your website has to offer and how your products or services will benefit potential clients. Try to keep your text light and easy to read. Some websites make this a one paragraph section, whereas, some spread this out including other content as viewers scroll.

6. Testimonials: Adding proof of successful service can be the determining factor for potentials who are trying to decide if they want to purchase with you. Seeing client testimonials instills trust and confidence in what you have to offer and will encourage them to keep exploring your website.

7. Menu Bar w/ Search Box: Your website needs to be easy to navigate or you will turn visitors away. Placing a navigation menu at the top of your website will ensure easy access to the rest of your website and encourage visitors to keep exploring. If you offer products, add a search box so visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

8. Success Indicators: Show people that you are the best in the business. If you’ve won awards or have certifications, showcase them on your homepage to spur good impressions.

9. Social Icons: Last but not least, include your social icons to lead viewers to your social pages. Social media is a great tool to personalize and communicate with clients on a different level and to stay connected.


Don’t forget about your mobile version! Is it organized in a way that optimizes the mobile viewer experience? Remember that there’s less real estate on phone screens, so placing important elements above the fold will look a little different.

Items to include “above the fold”:

  • Business Logo/ Business Name

  • Supporting Visuals

  • Brief Description

  • Calls-to-Action

  • Navigation Bar

Having a beautiful homepage that guides your readers is essential for website conversions, and incorporating these 9 elements will get you on the right track.

Take a look at your website and see if it’s missing anything! Evaluate if you should add anything or if you need to give it a complete makeover. It’s healthy to keep your website updated and give it a fresh look every once in a while. Browse through other websites if you need inspiration… What sticks out to you? What do you or don’t you like about the flow? We can’t wait to see what you do!

Wondering what else your website should include? Download our FREE website checklist below!

Website Checklist & Tips
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