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13 Must Haves for a Great Email Campaign

Email campaigns are a great marketing tool when it comes to customer relations, but if you truly want to see conversions it’s essential that they are built correctly.

Use these tips to ensure that you’re sending quality email campaigns that will build trust and recognition among your customers.

1. A Clear, Concise, and Attention-Grabbing Subject Line

The first matter of business is making sure your receiver OPENS your email. Having a good subject line is key to standing out among a busy inbox. These should be intriguing… make your reader feel like they NEED to open your email to see what’s going on, and consider using personalization to make it feel like it’s coming from a friend.

2. A Real, Live, Human Sender

Stay away from the <no-reply> email addresses. These feel spammy and robotic. Readers are more likely to open emails coming from a real person. It feels more personal that way.

3. Obvious Branding Elements

It’s important that you use your logos and brand colors in your emails to grow brand recognition. Creating a consistent look will go a long way! When people think of purchasing something, they rarely think of the products first, they think of the brand. So, it’s essential to engrain your brand in their minds.

4. Personalization

Addressing each reader by name makes your readers feel like you care about them individually. When customers feel like you connect with them on a more personal level, they are more likely to support your business. Nobody wants to feel like they’re just another number on your list receiving one of 1,000 emails you sent out. Make them feel like valued customers!

5. Offer Context

Explain to your readers why they need your products or services! Don’t just list your products, make them understand the benefits and context surrounding them.

6. Obvious & Focused Call-to-Action (CTA)

The whole point of your email campaign is to get your readers to DO SOMETHING. Are you trying to get them to buy products? Visit your website? Download a free eBook?

Whatever the goal is of your email, make it

known! Create an “action” button telling your readers what you want them to do… and don’t forget to make it stand out. There needs to be obvious direction for your reader to follow.

7. Explanation/ Value of Offer

Let your readers know what they are receiving. If you’re trying to get them to download an eBook then list the content your eBook contains. How will your customer know they want to download it if they don’t know what they’re getting?

8. Social Sharing Buttons/ Links

Give the option to share your email with friends! This is a great way to get leads for your email lists and grow your potential clients. It also sets you up for free marketing… bonus!

9. Image

Inspire your audience to do business with you! Are you trying to sell them something? Show off your products with amazing imagery to make your customers feel like they just have to have it! Imagery also gives proof to your customers that what they are buying is real… it exists. Your readers won’t feel comfortable purchasing something they can’t see. Would you?

10. Additional Product-Based Offer

Don’t stop there! Give your reader additional resources to continue working with you. Show that you have more to offer… make them curious what other products and services you have. The point is to keep them coming back for more.

11. Social Media Follow Buttons/ Links

Social media is one of the best tools for personalizing with customers. It allows them to view your business in more of a “friendship” type of way. Here, they can get a little behind-the-scenes action and grow their trust and relationship with your company.

Plus, if they follow you, they’ll be

getting consistent content from your feed reminding them you're still there!

12. Link to Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is legally required in order that you may disclose your practices on protecting personal information. It also shows customers that you can be trusted with their information.

13. Unsubscribe Link

Make sure customers have the option to unsubscribe! You don’t want potential clients feeling like they are getting bombarded with emails and there’s nothing to do about it. Annoyed customers are not going to get you referrals, and referrals are what you need.

Need additional help with your email campaigns? Schedule a consultation with an expert!



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